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What Can You Say?

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What Can You Say?

Post by Sean.lfc on Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:25 am

Some relationships work, some don't, all relationships will have their ups and downs, sometimes break ups, sometimes you find the one for you.

Yes breaking up from a relationship hurts but the best thing to do is forget and move on. Yes most of you will say "oooh but i can't move on i loved him/her too much" but whats better? Staying in unhappiness for the rest of your life or moving on and finding someone else and sticking to that person. The latter of the two is obviously.

Most of the time when you end up crying about someone your friends will try to help but you may push them away. Your friends are the most precious things in your lifes and they only care for you and want to help. So it's best for them to help you rather than you push them away.

Then when you find the right person, settle down. You'll find out that all those past relationships were a thing of the past and that this relationship is the real deal.

And that'll be the end of my speech Shocked
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